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a Written By: Mir Fateh Ali Shah | Translation By :- Zohaib Imdad Kaka  


Posted on 2010

Muhammad SAWW said, the time will come when my followers (Muslim Nations) will start to walk on the pace of Jews, as much that even if there will some people from Jews who commit sins with mother openly, then from my followers also there will be some people who will do the same. Moreover, Jews will be divided into 72 sects but my followers will be divided into 73 sects and only from all of 73 will go into paradise and all remaining will be going into the hell. Decibels asked which only one sect will be going into the paradise. Muhammad SAWW replied; Persons who will follow my way of life and my decibels. Further Mohammad SAWW said; there will be many nations in which my followers will be having so many wishes and wants in their life like a critical disease of one dog transfers to another dogs body. Ref: ABU DAUD Above saying of Muhammad SAWW drawn attention towards three main points: - Muslims will commit sins openly like Jews - Muslims will be divided into the sects like Jews - Increase of wishes and wants into Muslims

Making sects in Islam

There was a time when Jews used to travel in the deserts and there were clouds above them and food was to be sent by Allah SWT and even they were all the time superior in all the nations, but they were still continued to ignore and after Moses they killed so many messengers who came to guide them from Allah SWT. And they were continuously doing those acts until Allah SWT snatched all the blessings from them. In this article I discuss some of the actions of Jews which they did, and from which we can understand better about saying of Muhammad SAWW. As Muhammad SAWW warned that my followers will act same like Jews, this is not the order but warning from the Prophet SAWW that when this time comes then be on the way of Islam and dont be like Jews that you divide yourself in sects, like today it is exactly happening.

Sectarianism and Quran

Surely they who divided their religion into parts and became sects, you have no concern with them; their affair is only with Allah, then He will inform them of what they did. 6:159 In above verse Allah SWT is communicating with Muhammad SAWW that the people who make the sects in the religion, then you SAWW dont have any concern with them because now I (Allah) will deal with them. At another place in Quran Allah SWT says Of those who divided their religion and became seas every sect rejoicing in what they had with them. 30:32 It means people who have made the sects in their religion; they are fully involved in that condition and have made their own ways of life. Apart of that in chapter 3 Aal-Imran, from verse 103 to verse 107, there is a detail about this topic.

Which sect is on right track?

Whether you ask this question from any of the sects, everyone will say that we are on the right track. If you will ask from a Sunni (sect), they will say we are on the right track. If you will ask from a Sheea (sect), they will say we are on the right track. If you will ask from an Ahl-e-Hadees (sect), they will say we are on the right track. If you will ask from a Bralwee (sect), they will say we are on the right track. If you will ask from a Devbandi (sect), they will say we are on the right track etc Then can we say that all are on the right track? But how can it be possible that all would be on the right track? Because, according to Muhammad SAWW only one will be going to paradise and that one will be on the right path, remained al will go into the hell.

How to recognize?

When decibels asked from Muhammad SAWW that which one will be going into the paradise, Muhammad SAWW replied, those who follow me and my decibels. This is the sign to recognize that sect. Now lets try to understand: In which sect Muhammad SAWW was? In which sect the decibels of Muhammad SAWW were? Lets write down all the names of the sects which come in your mind on a piece of paper, and then think which sect is there to which the decibels of Muhammad SAWW were belonged? Actually, they all were only Muslims. They had not any relation with any sect. because sects were to be made later when people started to make their own beliefs on their own choices and Islam continued to break in so many ways (sects). In result, every sect is blaming on other sect that they are on the wrong track and they are astray etc

Path of evil

Narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood that Muhammad SAWW told us in a manner that He SAWW stretched a straight line and said this is the line which leads to Allah SWT and then He SAWW stretched some other line from the right and left side of the first stretched line and said these are the ways of Satan (evil), which attracts people on these lines. (Nisai)

Way of Allah

And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves. 3:103 According to Muhammad SAWW that rope is Quran. Come and lets make our lives better by following Quran like our Prophet SAWW and his decibels and get rid of the sectarianism otherwise that day is not so far when our condition will be like Jews in Hereafter. The end

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