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a Written By: Mir Fateh Ali Shah | Translation By :- Malik Sadam  

How to see Prophet Muhammad PBUH in The Dream

Posted on 19th july 2012

In this Holy month of Ramadan, on one side shaitan is imprisoned and on other side the shower of blessings from ALLAH continuously fall upon us. In fact in our usual life we have to fight against shaitan by offering two rakat prayers but in holy days of Ramadan, little struggle is enough to stand whole night in the prayers. So why do we not keep ourselves ready to accumulate blessings of this Holy month of Ramadan.

Today we are going to start the preparation for an achievement which must be the wish of every Muslim and why not, is this possible that some one to whom you love and you dont want to see him. Just think about the state of that person, who lost his father in his early childhood and unluckily his relatives did not have any picture of him, and he wants to see his father. But after a long period of time he has known a person who has fathers picture. So dont you think that he will try to see till the end of last hope?

Now imagine that personality who loves us more than our parents, whose love is justified by Holy Quran itself and he is important to every Muslim than his parents, colleagues and his life, so how it is possible that a Muslim doesnt wish to see him.

If you are ready and enthusiastic to see Muhammad S.A.W then follow the way, as you know in the month of Holy Ramadan the whole day you remain in fast, and you prevent yourself from evils and in night you stand long for praying called (Traveeh), while blessings from Allah fall continuously upon you and sins remain away from you. So when you will be free from all good activities then make a fresh ablution, make sure your clothes and bed must be cleaned and turn you face towards Kaaba

Now start reciting a Tasbih 313 times, which is as under;

اَللّهُم صَلِي عَلي سَيِدِنَا وَمَولانَا مُحَمّدٍ وّ عَلَي آلِ سَيِدِنَا وَمَولانَا مُحَمّدٍ ڪَمَا تُحَبُّ وَتَرَضَي لَهٌ

After all this, now very courteously request ALLAH to get vision of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W and then at your bed without talking to anyone take rest according to Sunnah. INSHA ALLAH if this wealth is written in your fate, then in this Ramadan you will see Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. But dont forget to keep yourself away from hurting anybody physically or mentally, serve your parents

ALLAH will make you to see Holy Prophet S.A.W Amen and dont forget us in your prayers.

Note: Please be advised that above mentioned way is the one way to achieve your goal. You may choose other ways to get vision of Holy Prophet S.A.W instructed by religious scholars.

May God bless you Amen
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How to see Prophet Muhammad PBUH in The Dream

Today we are going to start a preparation for an achievement which must be the wish of every Muslim

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