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Written By Mir Fateh Ali Shah
Translation By Pir Taimur
Language english
Catagory Concept of God

From where the concept of god came?

If we look at the history, we come to know that, in this world every nation has been searching for the existence of God (Allah). Some of them accept son their God and some moon, some accept tree and some lion, and some accept cow as their God etc. In this whole struggle it has been observed that every nation has been indulged in searching there God. It was all because somewhere inside them the feel of God was there, and for that it is must that they would have met the God already, otherwise how they come to know about God and roam here and there for searching Him in different materialistic things or they would have felt His existence in this world and they start searching.

By studying Quran, we come to know that Allah (God) created souls first, and asked them that “aren’t I your Lord?” all replied “Yes”. By accepting this truth we will be able to understand that why every nation has been indulged in searching for God that is the only reason between the relationships of every human with God. Then some of them accept the God and some of them denied. But the truth remains, that in both perspectives the existence of God is there. The End

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